We have your selling
channels covered.

No matter the selling channel, Multicart makes it easy for your customers to checkout anywhere.

Here are just a few ways brands are selling with Multicart.

Social Media

Make the most of your social presence by turning any social post, product review, influencer post, and more info a OneClick shoppable experience.


With Multicart, brands can create and share offers links with influencers to give audiences a more connected and personalized shopping experience.


Make it easy for customers to shop directly from your text messages with a Multicart link. Replenish orders, offer discounts, sell items left in cart, and more.


Increase sales conversions by including a Multicart offer link in your marketing emails. Allow customers to shop directly from promotional emails, cart reminders, discount offers, and more.


Turn videos, product reviews, video ads, livestream shopping, and more into a OneClick shopping experience with a Multicart QR code.

Online Publishing

Allow customers to quickly purchase products featured in blogs, online magazines, journals, and more with a Multicart integration.


Even offline, brands can share their Multicart offers. Live events, product packaging, traditional ads, and more, made instantly shoppable.